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  • Custimized Temperature Controle Panel

    We, at Bali instruments are experts in the field of temperature control panels. We fully understand that not all industries and processes can use the generic temperature control panels. We cater to such needs and requirements by our very knowledgeable and highly skilled staff who will help you to customize the temperature control panels to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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  • Four Set Point Temperature Controller Cum Timer

    These equipments are engineered to provide you with all-in-one functions of controlling temperature of up to four different targets, each with its own timer.In addition to decreasingyour overall costs,these, high quality, accurate and reliable equipments significantly reduce the hassles of dealing with different manufacturers. These equipments takes very little space; hence, they can be installed anywhere.

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  • PID/Programmable Controller

    We, at Bali Instruments, understand your spoken and unspoken needs about PID Programmable controllers. Our rich variety of our programmable controllers covers all themost frequent use-cases. We understand that you expect the PID programmable controller to be high quality, highlyreliable,long lasting, extremely precise, economical, and exceptionally ease to program and use it.This is bare-minimum of you will get from our PID Programmable controllers.

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  • Universel Temperature Controller

    Our PID based universal temperature controllers are suitable for wide variety of generic temperature measurement and control related needs. Similar to our PID based devices, the universal temperature controllers are very quick and easy to configure programmatically. They are engineered to provide highly reliable and accurate control in industrial environment meeting the required standards and specifications.

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  • Watter Tank Level Controller

    We understand how critical it is that your industrial processes gets proper water supply. Using our water level controllers, you can easily realize water automation. These controllers will never let your water tanks go dry or overflow. Our water tank level controllers are corrosion resistant. Therefore, they require infrequent maintenance, with every maintenance activity taking lesser time and costing less.

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