Digital Timer/Counter

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  • Digital Counter

    We at Bali instruments understand that even a faulty screw or rivet can affect your business. Therefore, despite being a commodity, for us, providing high quality and highly reliable digital counters are as much important as every other equipment that we provide. Our digital counters come in different counting frequencies, different input signal types, and optionally provide external electronic control triggers as soon as predefined count is over.

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  • Digital Time Totalizer

    Our digital time totalizers are suitable for wide variety of needs. Irrespective of your need, we provide the best functionality, lightweight and the most economical products. Some of the features that our digital time totalizers include are easy mounting, AC and/or DC power source, tamper proofing, with or without reset button, and different number of digits.

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  • Digital Timer

    The digital timers from Bali instruments make one of the building blocks for automating your processes. They provide highly accurate and reliable timer functionalities such as count up or count down. The carefully selected materials, parts and design make our digital timers rugged to withstand your industrial environments and yet provide you with a clear status view and easy controls.

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  • Digital Timer With Control Panel

    We, at Bali instruments provide high quality, highly accurate and reliable digital timers with control panels. These equipments are designed to be easy to use. They offer a wide range of functions to meet all your timer related needs and requirements. The functions are easily selectable through the easy to use control panel.

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