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  • Digital Infared Thermometer

    The high quality Infrared Digital Thermometers from Bali Instruments are portable industrial grade devices to measure temperature precisely in fast and non-expendable way.Emissivity is controllable based on the surface finish selected. It operates for a wide measurement range and long target distance. The brand new dimension if the display is a added advantage.

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  • Digital Pen Type Thermometer

    Our digital pen type thermometers are acclaimed worldwide for perfection be it quality, or accuracy or reliability and repeatability. We have designed our assortment of digital pen type thermometers to meet all your industrial needs such as the range of temperature measurement and the conditions that it will be used.

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  • Digital Portable Thermometer

    The digital portable thermometers from Bali instruments are engineered to be rugged, have long battery life, and provide accurate repeatable and reliable readings in variety of environments. Other than the functional aspects, our digital portable thermometers are elegant to look and intuitive to operate.They also offer fast response times enabling you to quickly measure the temperature.

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