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  • Humidity/Temperature Sensor

    We know that an erroneous sensor can send the entire control system into a tailspin. Therefore, we test our humidity/temperature sensors thoroughly to ensure that they have exceptional degree of accuracy, stability and reliabilityincluding for long-term use.Our humidity/temperature sensors maintain same performance with wide range of humidity (0 to 100% RH) and a similarly large range of temperature.

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  • Humidity/Temperature Transmitter

    Our combo 2-in-1 humidity and temperature transmitters are perfectly dependable for your industrial automation needsthat require these two parameters to be measuredsimultaneously. Thedesign of these transmitters ensuresexcellent reliability, stability and accuracy even in most demandingindustrial environments. Additionally, these transmitters provide a wide range of measurement that makes them ideal for all your needs.

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  • RTD Temperature Sensor

    We, at Bali instruments, are leading supplier of RTD temperature sensors. The main points about our Platinum core RTD temperature sensors, for which our customers keep coming back to us for their RTD needs are stability, range of temperature measurement and extremely high accuracy and reliability. We offer standard industrial three wire RTDs as well as four wire RTDs for your requirements that require extremely high accuracy.

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  • Temperature Transmitter

    Our temperature transmitters primarilyprovide cutting-edge quality, reliability, and stability.Our temperature transmitters are capable of interfacing with a wide array of temperature sensors, and after processing, they provide standardized output.This makes them capable to work seamlessly with several combinations of equipments. Our temperature transmitters feature state-of-art isolation, de-noising, and robust data conditioningthat makes them ideal for your mission critical needs.

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  • Thermocouple

    We are obsessed that irrespective of the use and usage conditions, our thermocouples must always be highly durable. We provide such superior durability for all type of thermocouples such as base metal type (type J, K, T and E), and noble metal type (type R, S and B) that covers almost all the entire industrial heating measurement temperature range.

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