Data Logger

We provide a wide variety of data loggers ranging from general purpose to data loggers designed for specific needs. Our data loggers comply to the required standards for reliability and accuracy for an extended period of time. They therefore require minimal human involvement, and thus our data loggers are ideal for deployment in locations which are difficult to access.


  • Sea Foods & Milk Industries
  • Testing and calibration laboratories
  • Automobile and Heat Treatment industries
  • Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries


Bali Instruments  presents 8 ch / 16 ch / 24 ch / 32 channels process scanners & data logger for any process parameter like pH / cond. / Temp. / Pressure / level / humidity / flow etc. On line/ Off line data logging with computer printer output as well as Computer connectivity with software available.

Microprocessor based L.E.D/L.C.D. display scanners / data loggers in din rack mounted enclosure will have easy operative connectors with feather touch front key operations with menu to feed according to site conditions like speed/logging time/scan time/ Input signals etc.

All in one Universal Data Logger/Scanner, Temperature function T/Cs , RTDs, Process function Current , Voltage, Pulse, User Range Selectable for Universal, High Quality LED Display, Adopt ITS -90 Thermometric Scale ,ENI-12830 standard , Customized Standard Software ,Memory, Direct Printer, Communication Port, Fixed / Universal Input available.


Accuracy: +/- 0.15% FS
Set point Resolution: 0.1/1 count
Input Sampling: 2 Channels/seconds

Technical Specification

Power: 230 VAC +/- 10%, 50 Hz
Display: 4/6 Digit alphanumeric red LEDs for process value display, 4 Digit seven segments green LEDs for channel number or RTC display, Auto/Manual mode and I/O status and RTC indicator LEDs, Printer Error indication
Memory: Non-Volatile RAM ,Facilities: Auto/Manual, Channel Skip, RTC.
Communication port (optional): RS-232C or RS-485 multidrop, MODBUS protocol
Connections: 50 Pin ‘D’ type connector with extended terminal board having screw type terminals
Dimensions: 951D= ¼ DIN; 96 X96X165 mm or 192 X92 X165mm


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