Digital Paperless Recorder

We, at Bali instruments, provide a extensive variety of digital paperless recorders to meet all your needs from recording simple data to simultaneously recording data from multiple sources. We have data recorders that can either record and upload the recorded data as scheduled or provide real time data upload plus recording.


  • Sea Foods & Milk Industries
  • Testing and calibration laboratories
  • Automobile and Heat Treatment industries
  • Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries


Key Features of the Series.

  • ¼ DIN size package.
  • Microprocessor based accuracy.
  • Alarm capabilities with relay outputs.
  • 8 ch., 16 channel models.
  • TABULAR/SCAN mode facilities.
  • Addressable serial interface.
  • Retain set up during power loss.
  • Data storage for analysis using standard 80columns
  • printer with Series Diditherm9000L.

A unique data storage feature using dot‐matrix printer provides a digital value records thus eliminating themaintenance cost involved with chart paper and pens. Using an 80 column or 132 column standard printers’ datamay be printed for a fix period of time. This feature makes it 21 CFR Complaint All the printing format and printingparameters can be programmed by front keypad. Our Soft were which helps to remove Graphs & Print the data intabular form helps you in analyzing the data.


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  • MountingMethod:‐PanelFlush‐mounted
  • (STD)Material:‐AluminumANODISED
  • Power:230VAC+/‐10%50Hz
  • Usb Pen Drive Interface
  • Power Consumption : ‐ 50 Watt
  • Input Signals : 4‐20 mA, 0‐20mA, 0‐10VDC, 0‐5VDC ,0‐1VDC, RTD, T/Cs: J,K,R,S,N,T.
  • 3.5” 5.7” TFT (640 x 480 Pixels) 7.5” TFT (640 x 480 Pixels)
  • 9.2” TFT (640 x 480 Pixels)
  • 15 “ TFT (800 x 600 Pixels).All size are Diagonally
  • Burn Out Function : Equipped for T/Cs & RTD.
  • Memory Capacity : 24 MB Max
  • Expandable to 1000MB Max (Optional)
  • Life of Backlit : ‐ 50,000 Hrs
  • Operating Conditions: ‐ 0 to 50Deg C & 0 to 80% RH
  • Printer Port : (Optional) Parallel Port
  • Analog Input resolution : ‐ 16 Bit
  • Touch Screen : ‐ Optional in 5.7” TFT (640 x 480) 7.5” TFT (640 x 480 Pixels) 9.2” TFT
  • EMC Standard : ‐ Compiles with EN61326‐1& CE approval(optional)
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) Display On the front Screen
  • No. Of inputs: 8, 16 IN CASE Of Digitherm 9000L


Eliminates costs by removing pens, paper and maintenance associated with paper recorders & can be used inoffline mode.Improve productivity through efficient data transfer to PC’s and spreadsheet programs.Optimize management of recorded information.


Power: 230VAC +/‐10% 50 Hz
Accuracy: +/‐ 0.15% F.S.
Display: Standard 3.5” Touch Screen color LCD Screen.
Communication (optional): RS‐2332C or RS‐485 multidrop. MODBUS protocol.
Facilities: tabular/Scanning mode, Channel skips.
Operating temp. 0‐55° C, 90% Rh Max.
Memory: EEPROM.
Connections: D connector with extended terminal board having screw type terminals.
Color Change once PV Crosses the Set Value


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