Temperature Indicator

A Temperature Indicator is a device that controls excessive temperature of many applications. It is used in appliances like fridge's, dryers, furnace and many other extensive technical equipments. It details measurement of weight, pressure and humidity. Temperature Indicator is widely used in industries and laboratories. We are adhering to best practices in designing temperature indicators according to industry standards and regulations. We offer indicators at a very competitive price.


  • Testing and calibration laboratories
  • Automobile and power industries
  • Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries



General Specification

Display 4 Digits 7 Segment LEDs 0.56” Character Height
Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy 0.25%FSD
Input RTDPT100,IC,Cr/Al,0-3VDC,4-20mA,0-20mA etc…
Power 230VAC ± 15%
Display Size 0.5,1inch,2inc,4inch,8 inch
Cutout Size 48*96,96*96, wall Mounting


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